2021 Trend Nails

Hello Everyone! How are you doing today?

On todays post I wanna share some trending nail art for you to try this year, are you ready?

First, you should probably know I am in a constantly battle with my nails. I don’t seem to stay out of water, so they can stay put. But I am trying anyways, here’s proof:

I did that by my own, and I am dying to get acrylic nails, but swimming three times a week I just don’t know how long they will last. If you know the answer for it or a solution for it, can you please let me know on this post or DM on Instagram? I would be forever grateful!

Moving on! 2021 is all about the acrylic nails and the almond shape, and I found both really pretty and fancy. And so are the nail arts that are coming along. Such as nude or clear backgrounds, with candy colors, organic shapes, strass. Here are some inspiration for you:

I honestly love how colorful and fun they are, because if you think about it for a minute, art supposed to be an expression of your self, and why do your nails if you can express yourself through them, be creative and fun!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!

Hope to see you soon. With love,

Things No One Tells You About Adulthood

Hello Everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am 25 years and and 4 months old right now, and till now life is been full with beautiful moments, many ups and downs , a lot of challenges, some beautiful days, and some not so great.

Growing up I heard a lot from my parents that I needed to “listen to them or life would teach me a lesson”. Well life taught many many lesson by now, and for someone who used to answer: I want learn from my own experiences! There were actually a bunch of things I would like someone would told me about adulthood.

Even knowing I have a loooong journey ahead of me, here are some of the things know one ever talks about adulthood. I’ll start with the not so good ones:

  1. Pimples don’t go away when you pass your teenager years. I barely had pimples when I was a teenager, but now, they don’t seem to go away.
  2. Also, pms seems to be a lot more difficult too.
  3. Fruits will go bad in a matter of days. I mean, bananas and avocados take almost a week to be on point, and when they do, it will only last a day, I can’t eat a bunch of bananas in one day!
  4. You’re gonna have a favorite burner on your stove.
  5. You’ll either love or hate doing groceries.
  6. Socks will get lost in your washer/dryer. No, it wasn’t your moms fault.
  7. Credit cards aren’t friendly. Growing up I thought it was so fancy to say you’re going to pay with credit, and as a teenager (thanks TV) my dream was to have a car, a boyfriend and a credit card, now I’ll stick to the car only.
  8. I used to love being surrounded by my friends all the time, now my biggest desire is to have a single weekend by myself.
  9. Also, your huge group of friends will get closer and closer,
  10. It will be hard to seem all of them at once.
  11. Your dream job won’t be your first job.
  12. It’s hard to listen to your parents, it’s harder to listen to your boss.
  13. Taxes are hell.
  14. You’ll feel lost.
  15. You’ll have to learn to take care of yourself/ and to others when you/someone get sick.

But, there aren’t only bad things, here are some great things about adulthood

  1. You actually get to eat ice cream in the middle of the night. Or for breakfast, or whenever you want.
  2. It’s very plesant to learn to do things on your own.
  3. You can wear whatever you want, I know this might not be a big deal for most people, but my mom always picked my outfits as a kid, and always had a opnion about what I was wearing as a teenager.
  4. No curfews, but if you don’t watch out, you will look like crap the next day!
  5. You will feel proud of yourself, and that’s even better than having other adults proud of yourself.
  6. Girls night/sleepovers are still a thing and it’s still great.
  7. Life is an everyday battle, but it’s beautiful.

I bet there’s a bunch more, but I tend to take mental notes on my blog post ideas and end it up forgetting half of them, every time. So feel free to help me in the comments!

See you next time,

Pantone Fashion for Spring 2021 – part II

Last week we spoke about a few Pantone Spring Colors for 2021, and today we are back for more! Are you ready?

I am really excited about these colors cause even knowing their on the Spring Palette, they are a very good fit for Fall as well, and you’ll notice why.


If Green Ash wasn’t for you, don’t worry I still have a couple of ace’s in my sleeve, and the first one is Pantone Mint, to refresh and restore your days, as Pantone ponctuated.

We saw in the last post that green has a calm effect on us, and also keep us close to nature. but if you think of mint, you can have that refresh sensation of something clean, sexy, excited and new. A perfect feel for a change of seasons.

How to style: Blazers, monochrome, bags, shoes, and if you can pull it off: color blocking!


“A canopy of green that reveals and conceals.”

I am honestly dying here, I saw this color on a pair of rubber boots and this is just the identity I want for 2021. Don’t know about you but when I see this color two things come to mind: a week in a cabin upstate New York in the beginning of October, and a day strolling around NYC, and don’t know which one I like the most, so I am definitely adding Willow to my wardrobe.

Pantone says: “A canopy of green that reveals and conceals.” Isn’t that beautiful?

How to style: with neutral tons, rubber boots, puff jackets, leather sets, gym outfits, and much more!


“Invoking images of shifting powdery sands.”

Okay, I am starting to feel like these color choices were picked by myself. If you follow me on any social media, you know beige outfits have been my obsession in the past couple of years. (there’re some Beige Outfits in this blog, scroll down)

Beige is a very timeless, sophisticate and clean color. Beige is also dependable, conservative, and flexible. The color beige is neutral, calm, and relaxing. The attributes and meanings associated with beige change based on the colors it accompanies.

How to style: You can really create a Hi-Lo style with this color. This means: Tailor Sets with gym tops, tee with heels, overcoat with sneakers, and more. For a more fancy outfit you can monochrome. Some great color combos for this are white, black and all the other ones in the Pantone Spring Color Choices.


My mantra for this year is F* Black and White, Why? Because why stick to the obvious when you have some other great basics such as these ones?!

Know that you get me, let’s move on to Buttercream. This color transiting between off-white and beige, and can easily be relate to clear sands in the Bahamas right? I think we can use this as a scape for a 2020.2.

According to Pantone, Buttercream is Clean, crisp and pristine Brilliant White is suggestive of simplicity and modernity. It brings you the happiness and lightness of waking up by the beach. Is very calm, spontaneous and it can be kind of fun.

How to style: lounge wear, tailor pants, tank tops and draws string dresses.


We are going to finish this post with the color of the year. Pantone declared two colors of the year in 2021: Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey.

Quietly assuring and reliable gray encouraging composure is Pantone’s definition for it’s color. But in color psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance. Is a great color for those who want to look mature, unpretentious and independent.

For those reasons I would suggest wearing this color in denim pants, oversized blazers, Oversize tees, lounge sets. And then add some color points in bags, shoes and accessories. A little tip: yellow goes great with this one hahah

Hope to see you on part III

With love,

10 Most Amazing Things About Bridgerton:

Bridgerton, Netflix promising new show, is produced by Shonda Rhimes (same producer from Greys Anatomy) and based on Julia Quinn’s novel 🤍

The show dates 1813, two years after King George was removed from the throne because of his health condition, and tells the story of the season, where the debutantes are present to court and to society in order to secure themselves a husband and a future for them and their young sisters. If all that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are ten very good arguments that are going to spark your interesting in Brigerton:

Nº 1

A Love Match

We know that for many many years women were arrange to marry, always for titles, money, names, but never for love. But not in Bridgerton, Daphne was always inspired by the love between their parents and didn’t settle for less. She fell in love, and so did we. Can we declare best television couple yet?

Nº 2

The Duke

You’re gonna have to watch to understand it, I won’t give you any spoilers on this one haha. But by now every girl already wants a Duke 😉

Nº 3

Lady Whistledown

Brigerton has its own Gossip Girl, responsible for disclosing all the gossip of regent London, Lady Whistledown will guide the course of the story and narrates the entire show. Intriguing!

Nº 4

The Costumes

Marie Antoinette is my all time favorite movie when it comes to fashion, and never have I seen anything compare to it, till Bridgerton. Such a delicate costume for each character, the entire thing gets me dreaming about having a wardrobe like that.

Nº 5

A Black Queen

One of the first things that caught my attention. And this wasn’t a poetic license for diversity, Netflix chose to be faithful to the History: king George III’s wife was an African descendant. And let me also add that at this moment she was all by herself as her husband was mentally ill.

Nº 6

Alphabet Order

The Bridgerton children were named in alphabetical order. I though it was so cool, but spent the entire show searching for the F kid hahah

Nº 7

The Colors of the Households

The Featherington’s have a remarkable color wardrobe and household decor, in very bright shades of yellow, green and orange. We can see that throughout the show, poor Penelope can’t stand another yellow dress. But, we can also notice a choice of color for the Bridgerton’s: light shades of blue, pink and lavender. But being more specific, we have Daphne, almost always dressed in blue, even at her Final Ball her entire party is blue, even the guests are dressed in blue.

Nº 8


Daphne’s younger sister is ahead of her time, she doesn’t agree with the rules of her society, loves to read, would rather go to college than to get married, and even without understanding her sister reason to get married, she gives her all the support and it’s grateful at the end.
One of my favorite characters, I am hoping they’ll give her a good story.

Nº 9

The Scenery

beidgerton came out of one of our wildest fairytale dreams: with flowery gardens, castles, well decorated houses and gorgeous parties 🧚🤍

Nº 10


Even knowing the show happens in the nineteenth century, we have a very strong female front line: we’ve Daphne the season’s Diamond who fights for her love and for her marriage, who punches a guy in the face and make her own choices, we have a Queen leading by herself, a Writer giving her opinions and controlling the events; free independent women such as madame Lacroix and Sienna; Lady Danbury behind every decision from the Duke and very concer Mamás fighting alone to protect their daughters and their names. Definitely one of the most amazing shows I’ve seen lately. What’s your opinion about it ?!


I can’t leave this Out, cause is definitely one of the most especial things about the entire show: the soundtrack is so very present, with a classic touch.

I mean “thank you, next” from Ariana Grande, “Wildest Dreams” from Taylor Swift, with a Mix of Mozart… Mind blowing!

If you’ve watched, I really want to know your thoughts on it, and if you haven’t watched yet, please comment on this post as soon as you do.

With love,

OOTD: Ruched Top and Combat Boots

Hello everyone! We had a bit of a weird summer over here, some days were hot and some days were chill, and honestly I couldn’t tell which one we would get by looking at the forecast. So, summer outfits + combat boots became my thing this season.

Because combat boots have this heavy look and a lot of history, styling it out of the obvious can be tricky, specially if you’re style is mainly romantic or feminine. I though I wouldn’t be able to do this myself, but it’s easier than it looks like.

For this Outfit I putted together some of my favorite trends this season:

  • The backless ruched top;
  • Claw Clip
  • A slit mini skirt;
  • Baguette bag.

The ruched backless top is from Shein; The Skirt I made myself last year; the bag is thrifted and the combat boots are Dafiti!

I love this outfit, is very light, it has a fashionista touch, is trend, is clean, is a perfect basic chic. What are your thoughts on it? Let me know! And don’t forget to check my Instagram account for more!

With Love,

Trend Alert: Polymer Clay Rings! Where to Get Them + DYI

Hello Everyone! If you’ve been here for a while you know I have an obsession on fashion trends, it doesn’t matter how weird, temporary or even ugly they are! Not saying this is one of them, but it definitely can bring diverge opinions. Let me know your thoughts on it on the comments.

If you love trends as much as I do, you might have notice there’s an innocent, colorful, sweet, kind of childish vibe going on lately, and the clay rings are great proof of that, no wonder polymer Clay was first used by a German in 1930’s to make dolls.

Besides that, I could not find much information of it’s history, I admit, but you don’t have to be any genius to notice that the rings have a resemblance of 70’s fashion style: the color choices, the organic shapes, the cool aesthetic…

Font: Pinterest !

Cute huh? And if you’re as interested as I am to try them this year, here are my favorites on Etsy:

BuysomeloveStore | MacujCreations | ShopClayWay | kireinabeads | TwentySomethingsShop

And If you’re artsy like myself and would like to try making some, I found some very nice sets on Amazon, like this one.

I bought one for myself, and it should get home by the end of the week and I feel like a child waiting for Santa on December 24th!! Not gonna lie, it will be very disappoint if I can’t make a proper ring, but we will have to wait to see the end of this story!

Hope to see you here on my next post.

With Love,

Pantone Fashion for Spring 2021 – part I

Hello Everyone! Today I am here to share some of the 2021 fashion colors of the year with you according to Pantone. As Spring is about to start for most of you, and here in Brazil there will still be warm days ahead for a while, I’ll be starting this series with the Spring/Summer palette choices. Personally, I am not ready to walk away from these incredible color choices.

Here are a few of them, together with some meanings of each color, reasons to wear it and how to style:

Let’s start with everyone newest obssession: Green Ash! A very light and open shade of green, carries the name of a very adaptable and beautiful tree and has a inviting feel to it. Green is often thought to represent tranquility, good luck, health, it can bring.

Why wear it? Green is a color realted to nature, according to reaserch, green can improve reading habilities, has long been a symbol of fertility and it has a calming effect on people.

How to Style? As warm days walk in your life this next few months, choose light outfits, such as linen blazers, silk dresses and even denim pants.

Amethyst Orchid! This is the second most seen color on my social medias lately, and it’s also my second favorite.

Why wear it? According to Pantone “The floral shaded amethyst orchid introduces a unique touch.” but the meaning of the purple orchid color goes beyond that, Purple orchids symbolize royalty and admiration, and are traditionally given as a sign of respect. A great statement to apply to your days as you flourish this spring.

How to style? Linen sets, puff sleeves, (again) silk dresses but make it dramatic, cargo pants, jackets and more.

Marigold! Say what you want, I wont give up on my orange shades, and marigold has that special golden hour sunlight at a five am by the beach, and Pantone agrees to it.

According to Pantone Marigold is a comforting golden orange infused yellow lends a warming presence. Plus a golden orange often stands for prestige, wisdom, illumination, wealth, and quality. All good things to affirm in your life this year!

How to style: Go bold like the color, go comfort like a warm sunny day, go bright like sunrise at your favorite spot, which means, where it in your sneakers, in your pants, sweater, that vintage top, in your nails… surprise yourself

Cerulean, who ever said blue are for boys, definitely haven’t heard of Cerulean, peaceful as the sky, girly as Bubbles and sweet as a icepop. the loight blue color for the season has a strong sense of childhood to it.

Pantone’s description for Cerulean couldn’t be more perfect: “The color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day.” Light blue is, also, a peaceful, calming color, associated with trustworthiness and reliability, light blue is more likely to be linked with youth, innocence and childhood.

How to style: Mini skirts, t’shirts, cardigans, baguette bags, acesories, sneakers and much more.

Illuminating is the color of the year, together with Ultimate Grey (which we will be speaking about very soon), and as the orange up there, is one of my favorite colors for the spring summer season, because of its happiness.

And if that isn’t a good enough reason for you to wear it this spring, here’s a few more: ‘Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow offering the promise of a sunny day’ is the definition of Pantone, ‘a light at the end of the tunnel: Pantone seeks a sense of grounding and support for 2021′, according to 99designs, and a everyday sun on a tropical island/country according to myself, yellow brings out the best of Brazil, even on the most ordinary days.

How to wear it: I wouldn’t go discreet, not even if I could. Wear it on a velvet blazer set, a long dress, on a bucket hat and on a monochromatic outfit, cause you deserve it!

If you didnt know before: colors can change your mood, your day, and those around you, so even if you’re on a bad mood i challenge you to wear one of this colors based on what do you want to feel. Which of them would be today?

Stay near, for more posts like this,

With love,

Instagram New Updates in 2021

Keywords Search on Explore

Since the begining of Instagram we are able to find posts about specific topics by searching for hashtags, locations or usernames. This made hashtags and locations a must for anyone who wants to expand their reach on the plataform. But this is about to change, cause one of the new tools for Instagram in 2021 is that we will be able to search for posts through keywords on explore. This will make it easier to find relavent content for you.

Direct Payment on Instagram Shop

In the past years, the app has been opening new doors for online sales. But this year you will be able to buy direct from your favorite stores on Instagram. This will be great for stores that don’t own a website but have a profile on Instagram, that will also be great for customers who won’t need to switch pages and search websites for the items they just saw on Instagram and will be awesome for Instagram because their users won’t have to leave the plataform for online shopping anymore.

It’s Own Schedule Planner

This one is perfect for Content Creators, because anyone who works with Instagram, knows how important it’s to plan your posts ahead and schedule so you don’t have to spend your lunch break working on it, or missing your audience pic.

The new tool will be released on Facebook creators.

Share Your Tweets Directly on Your Stories

This isn’t a merge, but you will be able to share your Tweets on Instagram in an integrated way, it’s a significant update for both apps and there’s not much information about it yet, but it’ll definetly make it easier to share your tweets with your Instagram audience now.

Before We Finish…

I’ve heard Instagram will be removing the number of views on Stories in the same way they did with feed posts, the reason is that we shouldn’t be so focused on audience, but who knows… Also, there’s a possibility that they can take down the option to share content from others on your stories, claiming that many of the users are tired to see this type of content and would like to see more real life stories. – Nothing about this has been officially anaunced from Instagram.

So, what do you guys thing about this changes, which one is the most interesting one for you?

With love,

Monochromatic Outfit: Beige Aesthetic

Hello Everyone, be very welcome to my latest proudest outfit I wore: my all beige spring outfit!

And this outfit has two big plots:

  1. All beige is one of the latest fashion trends for 2020, and it doesnt even have to be warm for that, there are many gorgeous all beige outfits for every season.
  2. I am the fourth owner of this beautiful pair of pants, m friend gave it to me because it didnt fit her, and she got it from a friend that got it from another friend. And this is beautiful, cause I have a awesome pair of pants in one of my favorite neutral colors, that could’ve instead just be thrown on the back of someone’s closet. So this week stop for a minute, check what you haven’t wore in a while and give it to someone who’s gonna give that piece some purpose.

Coming back to this pretty outfit that I putted togheter in a minute:

Pants are great, they’re are TopShop, they have tayloring vibe, it has a midi lengh, pockets and I am obssessed about the color. Because it was tecnically still winter it wasn’t so warm yet, but itdef wasn’t cold so I decided to go with a beige sweater, sleveless cropped and nude sandals.

For a trend twist I added a baguette bag (the only one I have, that’s why is the only black item) and a huge hair clip, don’t forget to chek the post on fashion trends for 2020.

And the result is a killer outfit that caught veryone’s attention. Also I found it very feminine and apropriate for a 24 years old hahah

Obssessed. How about You?! Would you wear it?!


2020 Fashion Trends To Keep an Eye On

Hello Evryone, how are you all doing on this beautiful day? Over here I am doing great! Espeacially because today we will be talking about something I love: fashion trends.

I don’t know about you but I am obssess with fashion trends, I think of them as a fun way to reinvent ourselves and our old outfits. As quarentine became more and more real, I started to think we would have as many trends as past seasons. But then we got a social midia ‘boom’, and all of the sudden so many trends and aesthetics started to appeared.

I won’t be able to talk much on aesthetics today, but I’ll make sure to cover some 2020 fashion trends that are everything we need for this year. Let’s get started?!

For the past two years, little by little, hair acessories are becoming a part of women wardrobe again, and as a good minion of Blair Waldorf I am extremely happy with that. Speacially because I never felt like not wanting to wear hair acessories but they sure got lost for a good amount of years.

Gadly they are back and there’s nothing more feminine and more complemental to the outfit than acessories. So my tip for you is: choose your favorite and wear it with no fear. Here are some options for you:


Hair clips

Head Scarf

Head Band

There are so many more ideas and inspirations on hair acessories, and you can check them all on my Pinterest account and on my Instagram highliths, dont forget to check it out.

Square Sole Sandals

Beige / Greige Outfits

Monochromatic outfits in neutral color, speacially white, off white and beige diserve our attention in 2020.

Tennis Skirt

Tank Tops

As basic as it can be, they still look great even with the fanciest outfits.

Knit Vests

Who would guess these old things would come back, but I am in love, aren’t you?!

There are a few more but I’ll leave for a part II. Hope you guys enjoy this post, don’t forget to leave a comment on which one is your favorite.